Fear In Sport

The two articles below apply not only to us, as performers in sport, but can also be applied to our academic studies.

The first explains how we feel and react both psychologically (in the mind) and physiologically (in the body)

The second gives ways of not only how to control the fear but also embrace it and use it to our advantage


Let me know your thoughts. Can you see yourself when you read these articles: could they help you to improve her performance both in the sporting arena and in the classroom


One thought on “Fear In Sport

  1. ehorowitz says:

    Fear is a very strong feeling that is hard to block out. Most people feel this, especially those who are starting something new as they do not know what is going to be the outcome. As the writer says, when you try skiing for the first time, it is a very hard activity to learn and feel confident in all the time. When I first started skiing I was terrified of all the different things that could happen to me, if I fall and would not be able to get up or if the skier behind is going to crash into me. What I found is when you experience this fear, after you realize that it is not actually that bad. A few years ago, a snowboarder was going very fast and clipped the back of my skis and I flipped over and damaged my knee. Yes, at first I was scared about getting back on the slope, on my next trip but I just pushed myself and know I feel confortable. It is just a mental reaction for doing anything and everyone has to learn to beat this fear, go out of there comfort zone and bush themselves. This is the main way to beat anything. Once you have achieved something you want to do, you should never let yourself fear it again.


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